Monday, March 10

Portsea camp

We had a fantastic long weekend arranged by a Mum at school. She had booked the Portsea camp which is a couple of doors down from the Portsea Pub. 
The actual accommodation is dorm style - really not fancy
 but the view out the doorway is the water. It was a really beautiful place and as it was all enclosed there was a real communal feel.
 The facilities were fabulous. There was a giant teepee that we were welcome to sleep in but didn't.
 She has arranged for us to use the zip lines (Mitch was our instructor and it was fabulous) I was self appointed photographer so out there for half a day

 but I got the very last turn!
 There were 17 families all from school with kids. All up there were about 70 of us, so always something to do or play with. She has provided breakfast goodies in the communal kitchen, so everyone could help themselves in the morning. Lunch was your own problem and dinner we had sausages for the kids, byo meat and then everyone brought a salad.
 Such a relaxing way to live. It was social and lovely.
 A great range of salads too
 The kids on the basketball court with their own rules. Seems everyone was on the skins team.

 The rest of the time was spent at the beach. Either directly out the front or down at Shelley Beach.

 Again everyone was involved and had a lovely time
 We took a ride to Point Nepean. Probably shouldn't have left this for the last day as I didn't get to see the stuff I wanted, but hey, its not about me.

This is probably one of the most relaxing holidays we have had in a long time. It is like a caravan park, but where you know everyone - all the kids and their parents which makes the whole experience that much more enjoyable.

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