Monday, November 1

A bit proud of myself

One of our kinder teachers had an operation and will have a lengthy recovery. We were going to send her flowers, but they die and she would probably have a house full of them. So with a little help(!) from the boys I managed to get this together for her.

Using my regular cookie recipe I cut out get well soon and put the skewers in before I cooked them. Of course I had the tin bucket in the present cupboard as well as some florist foam which I made fit the top of the bucket. Then with three punnets of strawberries and toothpick - voila!There were also a bundle of cookies attached that we stamped out a message as our card. A bit messy but thats what you get!
I was pretty chuffed with this because it was different and very low cost. I had all the ingredients on hand, the only cost was the strawberries and that is a lot less than $80 for flowers. Also, arranging flowers is certainly not one of my strenghts so I was really chuffed at how this looked. Finally it was made with love by the boys and we know that makes it so special to her.

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