Thursday, November 25


Sometime we all need a little reminder of how sweet kids can be - sometimes we need more reminders than others. Other days they are just the cutest thing that you want to bottle them up and keep them like this forever.
To recent examples of this I had to share:

Alexander - 6: "Don't be a stranger Mum. Come and do reading at school" I don't know where that came from but it made me go and do reading. It wont be long until he wont want me there so make haste!

Benji - 3: Had fallen over and scraped his ankle - with blood. We were putting a bandaid on it, and he looks up at me with his big eyes and says "I hope this works".

Spencer is also beautiful but chose not to participate in this photo and thats ok because you don't always have to do everything the same - even if sometimes I want you to!

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  1. we need to hold on and remember those moments.
    great photo