Saturday, November 27

Sleeping Poppy

Another Poppy doll delievery today for a little girl celebrating her first birthday.Her birthday is actually Christmas day so her parents decided to celebrate on the 25th of November each year. What a hard decision - especially as her mum is someone who LOVES Christmas.
This little doll came complete with cradle - which was a hard rubbish find. A bit of glue and affection and it will again be loved by a little girl. I was up late last night making a mattress, pillow and quilt. Late at night is not the time one should start quilting (especially when not a quilter).
It is all done and delivered. As too are the santa sacks which were all gratefully received. I did actually take the camera to this party - but with so many people (and babies) is tight spaces (due to rain) I found I had the wrong lens and would just end up with photos of various pores - so I aborted pics to focus on the boys. Now off to lie on the couch!


  1. what a beautiful present and great quilting

  2. Wow Nic! What a gorgeous gift. There's so much there that this little girl will love and play with now and in the years to come. Great gift, lovely work. x