Friday, November 19

A little more squirreling...

I know it really has to stop. I just cant resist a bargain. It is even worse if mum is there with me because often she pays! I am left trying to find a place for it all.
Incident occurred at Dimmeys Forest Hill. We shouldn't even be able to find fabric there. But we managed to sniff it out. A whole lot of 150 interlock and knits for $1 per meter. Only another 27 meters added to the pile. Actually it filled our trolley.
Then it happened. I was looking at some pretty trims and asked how much they were. The lady helping us then directed up to furnishing trims for only 50cents per meter. I think she was tired of measuring and just wanted to get rid of the stuff so was giving us entire cards of trims for only $4. There is a whole card (nearly 60 meters) of fringing that set me back all of $3. Who knows when you will need to whip up a 20's style fringed dress - but I will be prepared when that day comes. All this trim set us, well mum, back a whopping $23. I think it will be cushions all round for christmas.....

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