Monday, June 6


Two things have moved me to make a change (yes another one!!) The first is all the motivational words I've been seeing (and pinning) on Pintrest. Most of the ones I like are about procrastinating and getting on with things. I see the pattern.
The other one was the radio- you know when you are half asleep and they are talking about something and it weaves its way in to create stupid dreams? Yeah, well that happened and starting today.........I am only drinking water!
Big call I know but that seems to be the only way I get things going, and one I get past 21 days, it gets better and becomes normal. At this point, well before today, I literally drank no water. Like none - unless you count the stuff that had a tea bag soaking in it, because I do have a lot of that stuff, but no clear, hydrating water. With winter upon us, and the heating on everywhere, I have started to feel the effects and feel a bit like a dried out sponge - on the inside.
I am sure there will be lapses, and I can feel a bit of a caffeine withdrawal coming on already, but as I nurse my mug of hot water at this point I resolve to flush out my body from the inside and try to grow a fondness for my new freshwater friend.

This may be more of a challenge.

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