Sunday, June 19

Dalesford - Lark

I escaped for a relaxing weekend with a group of Mum's from Alexander's prep class. I was apprehensive as I didn't know the ones going very well, but of course it was all fine and actually enjoyable. (I sound surprised!)
I had absolutely nothing to do with the organisation, and to give away control is always difficult for me. I am not your go with the flow kind of girl - but I managed. We stayed at the Lark House and dined at Mercato (truly delicious) followed up by a relaxing session at Peppers. An extravagant weekend, so rather than skite I thought I would share some of the quirks and clever ideas at Lark House.
Pillows on my bed. The iron marks are not visible - just the enormous flash of this darn camera. I love the calico with the badges.
Wall paper birds flying over my bed. Can't say I am a bird fan but the concept is good.
The window treatment in my room. The room is cold so it was well worth the added insulation. See the rivets at the top. Clever idea.
In the back room - or retreat, is a table with these vintage cotton reels wrapped with ric-rac. Very cute.
Crochet rugs set up as art work. These are over the beds in the back room and give the room that splash of colour it needs.
This is the sewing room. This wasn't a crafting, or at all crafty group. I was sent out to have a look. I love the pressed metal walls with the chandelier. My mum and dad have one like this in their bedroom.
This lovely old unit is in the sewing room, with the drawers all labelled. What I couldn't believe was all the stuff left in there. This drawer is full of ribbons with another full of ric-rac. Not stuff I would be leaving around...
Finally the back bathroom. This is a big room with little storage. It has a massive shower head mounted in the ceiling which is lovely to get your whole body wet. The toilets are in the bathrooms which can be a bit of a bother when you are sharing, but that is beside the point. I liked this little unit. Looks like a school locker and I liked the juxtaposition by putting it in an uber stylish, minimalist bathroom.
If you would like to see more - like the lurid wallpaper mash up, have a look at their site linked above.

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