Monday, June 27

Stop it

My lovely friend Joyce friend Joyce drove me up to Dalesford for the weekend - yet would not accept any petrol money. So rather than hide the money somewhere she may never find it, I thought I'd make her something she talked about over the weekend. A door stop. This is from a square remnant of upholstery silk filled with rice. It may yet get a tassel or something on the top but you get the idea.
Easy to make, I started with a square and simply sewed each side of the square in half until it formed a pyramid. It was looking a little fat, so I increased the seam at the base to reduce its size. I left a little gap in the middle of one seam - so that the points were ok - so that I could turn it the right way and fill it with rice, and then simply hand stitch it up. Actually I think I need some myself so there may be a proper picture tutorial....

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