Monday, June 20

Hot stuff

When I should have been packing and getting everyone organised for my weekend away, I was hunched over the sewing machine creating this - a zip up bag for my straightener. I know - priorities!
This idea has been in my head for some time, and it was only now that I needed it that it got made. Essentially it is a bag to carry around my hot iron, but it has another feature ....
It opens out flat to provide protection to whatever surface from the heat of the straightener. This one always falls on its side and I don't want it burning down the house - or the Lark house for that matter! The secret is in the wadding.
And sadly at this point, it may need to stay a secret - from the girl who keeps everything, I seem to have thrown away the packaging for this stuff - which is wadding especially for heat. If you look closely you can see a silver layer in the middle. It is used to make oven mits and I have had it for ages. I will endeavour to find out what it is.

Oh - the other good thing is that it is reversible which is great because I adore the alice in wonderland fabric on the outside and now I can just sit and look at it in a big piece.

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