Thursday, June 30

Birthday & Half Christmas

Yes - it seems like it is always someones birthday around here. This time celebrating my Dads. His is extra special though, because it is June 30 - end of our financial year. More than that though, he has designated it our half christmas. A tradition he hopes to continue long after he's gone (very morbid I know). The idea came about because the kids are all born close to christmas - either side, with the big squirrel in between all that. It makes a really long wait for anything that you want and then an overload at Christmas. Sometimes it is nice to get a little something during the year and this is our time for it.
Firstly we celebrate Popeye's birthday. With everyone helping him unwrap, the poor old chap didn't even know what he was getting! With presents out of the way, we sat down to a sumptuous dinner of roast turkey, sweet potato and ratatouille. With our bellies full like santa, we presented the kids with their gifts.

The loved toys were the interactive dinosaur train toys for Benji and Spencer, and Alexander got a Harry Potter Lego from Nan and Pop (yeah toy sales)
Of a more personal nature was the surprise Joey scouts top complete with all the badges sewn on - he was pleased as punch. And the little boys got their own quilts which Nanny has been obsessed with over the last 3 weeks. I say three weeks because that's when she started them knowing she had them booked in to be quilted!! They do look beautiful and I will post a better picture than this one below in the near future.
I don't qualify for presents, so I gave this one to the boys - but I love it anyway. It is from Lark and called Shapemaker by Miller Goodman. It is a lovely wooden blocks with different graphic paintings on each side. The idea is to make pictures with it, which is actually a bit of a challenge. I like the focus was hand eye coordination and matching, but also the creativity this lovely wooden toy brings out. Here is a link to an animation which makes it look easy - that it is not!

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