Sunday, June 26


My kids have been obsessing over a camp fire - yet there aren't many places these days were fires are legal. Jo agreed to put one on in her backyard - obviously not just for us, but to celebrate solstice and we had a really lovely time.
We know each other through 'knitting' and blogging, and while this has been going on for a while, we don't usually include the families. We all get on well and it was just lovely that all the kids seemed to go about their business once they warmed up to each other. It made it a really easy and magical night.
The camp fire was crackling as we arrived and we set up. The kids started making their lanterns with tissue paper ready for the lantern walk when it got dark.

Damper wrapped around sticks and cooked over the fire followed closely behind by sausages.
The grown ups enjoyed mulled cider and delicious baked pototoes which I've not had for years. We had our walk which looked beautiful, and came back and cooked marshmellows over the fire and made smores. OMG - delicious but sweet is an understatement. We capped the night off with sparklers and took the tired kids home to bed at all of 8;30, but as it got dark so soon, it felt like 10:30.
It was a really lovely night and a big thank you to Jo and all the girls for making it so enjoyable. Sorry about the photos - the camera battery has gone astray and this little one is not up to the job. Jo's blog seems to do this night better justice.

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