Wednesday, July 17

Frock in progress

 Working with the black was actually easier than you would expect. The fabric was 150 wide, so I really did only need 2 meters - now I can make a top with the left over!
I used this Vogue pattern - V8494. It is a great pattern if you have a waist and hips. It nips in but then just skims over those other bits. I have made it before and know how easy it is, but it also has a nice fit. It has princess seams and a centre back seam. I decided a side zip would look better.
 I cut the satin the same as the beading and sewed them together as one. This way I dont have to worry about the seams showing through the tulle. I have bought velvet ribbon and beads to make a belt, but I am not sure on that...

Apologies for the quality of the shots - but this was a work in progress under pressure. The dress came together really quickly, but I felt it needed some adjustments - so I ran in all the seams, particularly the side seams to give it a better fit. I think I actually made this one a size bigger than last time - and now have to get rid of that extra fabric. 
 With the adjustments made and the zip in, this is a much better picture of how the dress will look. I lined the bodice in the satin which finished the neck and armholes nicely. The only major adjustment I made to the pattern was in the shoulders, which I took up at the back about an inch. Then hand sewed the lining along the zip and waist seam.
Final step was the hem which I simply overlocked the two fabrics together and turned it up and machine stiched. Because there is some fullness to the hem this gave it the body it needed. 

Oh, and I guess you are wondering about the other fabric. I cut it out from a made up pattern. I cut two layers of the georgette lining. The scallops form the hem and there are plans to get rid of the tulle at the bottom - but while it looks nice here on the hanger,

it looks absolutely AWFUL on. In my head I had imagined it draping softly and hanging elegantly- however on me I truly look like a stumpy elephant in it. The fabric puckers around the arms and just adds bulk. This dress is so not for my shape, but for a tall willowy woman. I will have to do a remake of it or else it will wallow like this forever in my laundry! Maybe thats for another post!

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