Sunday, July 7


After a hectic start tot he holidays with football, bowling, playdates etc. I felt the boys needed to get their creative on. Benji asked to paint, so I grabbed some tiles that I had moved only that morning - leftovers from the newish toilet, and they attempted prints on them. 

 The idea was to use acrylic paint and then remove it with cotton bud sticks to make a pattern and then we would print on them. The problem was that the paint wasn't thick enough and the sticks didn't remove it enough for the printing process
 While it was a bit of fun, they were getting discouraged by the results of the prints - so we changed tack.
 The tiles were cleaned off, and the boys were each given a sharpie to decorate the tile.

I found some porcelain paints that I had picked up on special somewhere a long time ago. I had a funny range of colours, but that was the limitation. Each of the boys took a really different approach to the task and each giving fabulous results.

They were baked in the oven and came out great. I want to put felt on the back of them to use on the table as heat pads but they want them framed on the wall - or even better (to them) tiled on the wall. For now they are in a pile waiting for some resolution!

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