Friday, July 12

In the Swim

 As a final school holiday treat, we headed to GESAC today in Moorabin for a swim. The pool area has been done up and it is really fantastic for kids. Then entry charge is reasonable and it includes unlimited rides on the two massive waterslides - if you can wait it out in the line. The one you can see inside here is a single person one, the other slide is outside and two people ride an inflatable thing in it.
 Underneath the slide is a fabulous play area. It has graduated entry and heaps of different squirty things to play in. It is made for water play and is shallow enough for toddlers, but also with some deeper areas - probably about 90cm, so an adult can sit in the water and supervise. Apparently there are also warmer spots (!) There is also a short lap pool inside, with an Olympic sized pool outside. There was more than enough to keep the boys happy - and me as I didn't have to get in!!
The twins happily went down the slide - Xandy did the walk of shame back down the steps as he was too nervous to give it a go. We'll have to work in him!

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