Sunday, July 21

Off to the ball

My carriage awaits - well our Maxi Taxi - but we were off to the ball. I can't say the preparation was without its hiccups.

As I had made my dress, I wasn't about to pay for other necessities for the night, so I had planned to do my own nails, hair and makeup. The day started with the kids all off to their various sports, with the exception of Benji who didn't feel well. He stuck with me, and I was keeping him away from Mum who is on her chemo week.

We all returned to our place for a cuppa, with Benji relaxing on the couch - until he got up and exploded into a cascade of vomit. Right across the carpet - thankfully not on my dress. Game change - Mum and Dad were unceremoniously kicked out, Benji cleaned up and put to bed before I could address the carpet.

Ugh - just what we didn't need. Not only a mess on the carpet, but that also put a big dent in our babysitting plans. Thankfully my brother was happy to fill the gap (babysitting not carpet cleaning) and the big squirrel went off and hired a steam cleaner. Wow- that makes the vomit sound extreme. It wasn't that bad, just pushed up steam cleaning to the top of our to do list. So the big squirrel did our carpet at about 4 in the arvo when our party started at 6!

So I got prepping. Hair I went oldschool and borrowed Mum's hot rollers. These babies have had a good workout over the years and I was going for that old hollywood style hair.

Nails were a simple french polish - not much to work with there. And the bag was a vintage glo mesh clutch. Mum had 3 variations to choose from!

This is later in the night when the photographer caught me pulling down my slip. Sometimes you just have to buy the photo to get it off the table!
Now you can see the dress all finished. The slight stretch in the fabric gave it a snug fit but with quite a bit of structure. Decided I didn't need the belt. I have a massive pair of heels on under here, but the hem sweeps the floor so no-one is aware what a short arse I am!

Here is a group shot from our table - one came down with the same bug as Benji so couldn't make it!
We had a lovely night out playing grown ups and are looking forward to next year!

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