Monday, July 29

Reward for Effort

Spencer received a smile award this morning at assembly. It was so well timed for him - and also deserved.
On Friday, while waiting for the boys to rush them off to basketball, Spencer's teacher excitedly grabbed me. She had just retested Spencer since the holidays and his reading was exceptional. She was so thrilled that he had gone up not one but 6 levels in reading! He had gone from not meeting their required level for mid year, to exceeding that level! I knew that he had improved - he had made one of those massive jumps that you know he was just getting it. It has actually become a pleasure to listen to him read as there is not only flow but expression to his stories. So proud that all of that extra hard work we have done is really paying off. He will be able to float along on this award for some time now too which is great for his self belief.

Well done honey - and thanks for smiling at the camera!

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