Thursday, July 11


As I'd apparently 'missed' two days of the boys holidays (working and then King Kong) there was a need to get out and do some things. So thats exactly what we did with a little bribery!

The boys had to sit through my pilates class (thank goodness for ipads) and then we were off to buy school shoes and footy boots. This was actually exciting for them, and as that is all we looked at - we came out with 6 pairs of appropriate and cheap shoes. Yay for DFO in SouthWarf. 

Then we walked to the Docklands were we had some vouchers for Wonderland. Turns out it is a slightly longer walk than I had anticipated - but there was a great little park on the way...

 Then when we finally arrived - all the fun of wonderland. Seems like the school fair has spoiled them a  little since last time we went, because now all the rides seem a little 'tame'. We did enjoy the dodgems though.

 Finally, back through Harbour Town where there was a little patch of snow set up for play. The boys had a little play there before we started the treck homeward. Luckily we were greeted by a city circle tram and had a little ride most of the way back.
 We all reckon today makes up for a few days!

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