Thursday, September 30

Three of a kind

Three pairs of bathers - just waiting for some sunshine. I am trying to pack within 3 colours - of red white and black in order to limit how much I pack. On holidays I never wear half of what I take, so I am trying to be really streamlined this time. Not even filling the empty space with 'just in case' items. I know three pairs of bathers may seem a little excessive, given the last sentence, but they don't take up much space and are all different - and in some cases could be worn as clothes. The red ones ended up ok but there are some things I would do differently next time. I will add a basic thin halter strap to them. The black tankini is really good and practical, and I imagine I will wear it as a top too. Again I added straps, but not halter - nice wide sitting thin straps. I can tuck them in if I want to. Finally, my favourites are the t shaped ones on the left. They do all the things that I want them to do- particularly cover baby damage and look pretty good. Again, next time I would put a back closure on the top strap but other than that they are really good. No fashion parade here - maybe post holiday, with a tan!
Finally they are all sitting on my wrap. I found this fabric when I was looking for something else and found that I had bougt 2 very similar fabrics. I decided it would be a wrap. It is 2 m by 70 cm - the same as my pashminas. I got the pompoms at Theos and am really happy with the result. I can wear it as a scarf, a short dress, a skirt, tie it around my bum or to sit on. It cost a total of $12 but works perfectly with my colour scheme.


  1. i love them, enjoy wearing them, relax, soak up the warm air and the sunshine and all of your family together.

  2. Love the bathers and they will look lovely on you. Read the blog bit about the nasty friend, you go girl, give her what for and then cut her from your life. Don't need friends like that (real friends aren't like that anyway). Enjoy the hols and come back relaxed, tanned and ready to rumble LOL.