Thursday, December 15

Christmas Kid Craft

Thanks to pinterest I did manage some christmas crafts this year. First off some decorations which were given with a card to each of Benji and Spencer's kinder friends. These were made out of a cornflour and Bicarb soda concoction that was fairly easy to make. I found it cracked if it was too thick and we had to wait a few days for them to dry. Once they were dry I decorated the boys trees with texta and their initial and the girls star with a simple initial. The lettering was from old rub on letrasets that I had in my stash.
We also made the teachers cards. These are expertly photographed on the seat of my car as they are about to be given away but you get the idea. They are felt trees which the kids helped stick the star and base on. Alexander was happily sewing on the bells and then each little boy put together the final look.
Finally, another favourite doing the internet rounds this year was the reindeer noses. I was quite happy with how these all turned out - the only issue is not melting those malteesers.

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