Friday, December 30

Open Road

The twins have been at me since their birthday to go for a bike ride and for whatever reason, that hasn't happened. Today Xandy had a play date so it was the perfect opportunity.
We set off on the local bike path - slightly unprepared for our ride (no water!!) and went the opposite way I had expected they'd choose. They are getting really good on their bikes and I had to ride at speed which is nice to do. The only issue is that Benji rides flat out and Spencer enjoys the scenery. I am in the middle yelling at one to slow down and one to speed up - with probably all of us getting the directions mixed up. There were moments of bliss where we all rode together.
We rode further and longer than any of us had expected as we were on the hunt for water. We turned around when we eventually found a drinking tap in a playground. On the way back we stopped at Hungry Jacks for an ice cream as a 2 hour ride in the heat is enough to give anyone an appetite.
What I think surprised me the most was how much fun I had. The boys are real characters and getting out in the fresh air and only concentrating on them and enjoying the surrounds is something I haven't done enough of. I was able to slow down (or speed up - now even I'm confused) and enjoy the moment - and that in itself is a step in the right direction.

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