Tuesday, December 20

Gift Sewing

Alexander has had a great year at school this year - a really great year. He gelled with his teacher and she really gave him every opportunity to learn and to thrive. She set high expectations and he happily met them. He wanted to give her something special for christmas and I was more than happy to oblige. We decided on a bag and a top as she is a bit of a hip young thing.
This is my standard bag pattern and I find it really good for carting books around so she got one of these. The fabric is Amy Butler and it is a coated cotton so I didn't put the usual plastic outer. I did however line it with a backed curtain fabric to give it a bit of extra strength and stability. We got the fabric from Fabric.com and were amazed at the speed of delivery.
Then we also made her this top. This is my new favorite top as it is casual and dressy but most importantly feels really nice on. The front panel is silk from Darn Cheap and the back is a mid weight knit. I was really happy with the outcome as it is so her. We gave them to her today and firstly she was a little taken aback because it was so much - but I tried to explain that we made them - as this was some reason for there being so much but she didn't get it. She looked like she really did love the top - we had been taking note of her clothes and what she liked and wore. She was touched that both gifts had so much thought and that is really the point.
(Editied to add: Next day she wore the top! According to Alexander she LOVES it and wants me to go into production because all her friends would love them. Frankly the fact that she wore it is more than validation for us!!)
The machine has been on overdrive of late - these are purses for the knitting girls. Our christmas dinner is tonight and a little something for each of them. Each has their own special message which I hope is relevant to them for the coming year.

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