Thursday, December 29

More Chairs

Sorry to bore you with our chairs yet again - but it is taking up all our time so what else have I got to blog about.
Here are the stools at Freedom. The nudle stool is $139 for a pack of 2.
Nudle Stool Pack of 2 TealThe other ones come flatpacked too so we wouldn't have saved on this particular bit of labour, and I think they look fairly similar - with about a $50/chair price difference.
I have chosen the colours -we are having three different colours and the big squirrel has completed a first coat. Not surprisingly I encouraged him to do this alone. Top coat is far more important than an undercoat. They are looking good but I will keep that til the big reveal.

The Freedom Table (230 x 75) $799- we got a big old pine one from StVinnies for $100 (or should I say the big squirrel did who was doing work there and seem to be getting paid in kind. So much for my decluttering!!) He is going to cut the table down so that it is slimmer (the store one was 75 wide) and ours is about 180cm long so not nearly as long as the shop but again that suits me.
Spice Hall Dining Table 230x75cm Black
I will be quiet on this front until the grand reveal.....

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