Wednesday, December 28

Prep work

I had seen a table and stools at Freedom which I thought would be fabulous for our kitchen dining area. With the hefty pricetag and the simple structure of the stools I thought we could do it ourselves much cheaper.With the big squirrel being a carpenter I thought the stools would be something from trade school and he could make these with the boys - for Christmas. Well apparently they are harder than they look and buying that much timber would be expensive and etc etc. So I went off and found the stools flatpacked at Ikea for $20 each. I got six plus 2 step stools which were a little higher and would be great for the boys now and later would be step stools as designed.
All the stools were unwrapped today and we did all get to have a go. Somewhat enthusiastically everyone started to paint the chairs in undercoat - but the number of helpers reduced as time passed, which probably helped the quality of the output.
One by one we all stopped until only the big squirrel was left to finish (& fix) the paint job.

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