Sunday, December 18

Stained glass biscuits

I was officially too sick to go to the party of the year - I even went to the Dr for the second time in a week! On top of that I had a serious attack of mother guilt and that in being sick so close to christmas the boys were missing out. (I didn't say I was feeling rational)
So I dragged myself off the couch in small bursts to do some cooking - yes something easy with a cast of three. The boys rushed to put on their new aprons that they had made at kinder:

And got straight into it. I have done this before and know to make double quantity so both of them have something in their bowl. Just seems to work easier like that.
Then we all had some basic biscuit dough to roll out and cut out the holes and filled with the crushed lollies. I think my favourite bit was crushing those lollies with the hammer.
The end result was some very pretty cookies. I have put them in plastic bags and they look lovely.

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