Monday, December 19

Last day of Kinder

Where have my babies gone? Here they are on their last day of kinder. It seems only yesterday I was packing them off to start it. In fact I dressed them in the same tops to celebrateThey have grown so much over this past year - both physically but also maturity.

Their teachers put together a lovely book which has their first day of kinder photo. Thanks to pinterest I managed to have the picture with the first and last day together.
Almost different kids.
This is the very last time they were kinder kids... so happy and ready to take on the world. I however was not. I had my big glasses on and did the quickest kinder exit ever. It was also my last time at kinder - a place which has been my life for the last 5 years is no more. I don't do well at goodbyes so for me it was a quick see-ya and I was outta there. Such a big sook!

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