Saturday, December 17

Ironing Tables

Today's craft project is again brought to you by pinterest. These little beauties are ironing tables - designed for the sewer or quilter to have beside them as they sew. They are a lower height and smaller design so fit quite nicely into a sewing space. Better yet - they collapse.
We started with some wooden side tables - purchased from Aldi (of course)
Then we set about covering them.
For all of them we used ikea fabric in their heavier weight as the outer fabric, then two layers of wool wadding and one layer of insul bright which is a heat resistant product. Thus the table has protection and padding. We bought an electric stapler to stretch the fabric over and onto the table. This was easier when we removed one of the table legs.
To finish it off we trimmed back the layers of fabric and glued down some tape to hide the edges. We used furniture tacks to secure the tape and complete the look.
Mission accomplished - presents for Mum's bosses at work and one each for her and I.

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