Monday, December 19

Farewell Kinder Teachers

Rachael was the boys teacher .

Jan was the assistant who is leaving after 16 years at the kinder.
Oh I was a bit slack on the picture front. Each teacher got two gifts one bigger and one littler in a denim drawstring bag with applique triangle tree on the front. (As per usual they always seem more entertained by the packaging than the gift ) Anyway I did manage a picture of the teacher gift - this skirt and necklace.
The skirt is from a remnant piece from the now defunct Frou Frou. You know when you see something that is just right well this was it. Spencer helped me choose it. Then I went to my present cupboard to get a necklace for Jan and I expected it to be yellow. Out came this green one, that I could remember buying but it wasn't what I thought I had. Low and behold it matched the skirt fabric perfectly. I couldn't have done any better if I had it with me. Fate told me this was to be and Jan got a scarf and I found a fabulous little Alice in Wonderland brooch which was perfect for the brooch loving Alice fan.
Rachael loved the skirt and the fact that it was handmade. She told me in an email later that not only was it a perfect fit, but that she was wearing it that afternoon. She had literally whipped off her existing skirt and pared it with the red tshirt she had on and rocket it that afternoon. Shame I sulked out and didn't see!!

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