Thursday, January 3


Today is the 3.1.13. Almost mirror image of the thirteen is a little ominous for us as Mum is not only ambidextrous but she can also write in mirror image at the same time. She is in hospital today awaiting brain surgery for a cyst or tumour or lesion. Not really sure and that is the hardest part. I am trying to keep busy and not really think about it (as much as you can - sleeping is the hardest) but today I have been at work on our word of the year. Last year it was Shine and this year it is Believe.
We decided this last year and it fits for everyone. We need to believe in ourselves, believe in each other and believe it will all get better.

I designed the word on my Silhouette using a mix of two fonts. The B is Edwardian font and the rest of the word is Zapfino (probably downloaded from

 I made it to size and put it through the cutter on a silhouette vinyl. 
 Transferred it off its backing with some sticky contact
 This helps keep the alignment of the word
 Then I stuck it on my new ikea mirror in our entrance. 

 The mirror is mounted low so that everyone (who lives here at least) can see themselves in it and also see our word. At the end of the year, our word will simply peel off ready for a new one.

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