Thursday, January 17

Birthday Boy

The day started early with a treasure hunt. SO incredibly hard to believe that nine years have passed since I became a mum. In the day to day churn of life it feels like you have been doing it forever. I havent even qualified for long service leave yet! My darling little boy is not that little anymore and at 9 thinks and does a lot for himself. In fact most of his birthday requests were books. Lots of the packages are clothes - each individually wrapped to make their discovery a longer and more exciting process.

 The main present was a guitar. My old guitar infact that I had restrung. As a skill indication - I can play as well as he can now and we haven't begun lessons! Still the guitar is in really good condition and he was so pleased.

 It was a hot day and we spent it in the airconditioned comfort of the AMF bowling who thankfully had a summer special where we could bowl all day for $15 each. AWESOME

Into the evening we had a birthday celebration with family and some faux cousins.

My minecraft cake with instructions from indestructables. Basically there are squares of blue jelly (water) rice krispies which is rice bubbles held together with marshmellow and butter, madera cake and chocolate brownies which were iced in different shades of green to be the different types of land. All cut into squares and stacked. 

 A little something for everyone - but you can see he enjoyed the chocolate brownie!

The gang relaxing in front of the teev.

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