Friday, January 4


 Mum didn't have her operation yesterday. She sat around all day anxiously waiting to be pushed back and back until at 4pm they told her it would be done today. This morning they said she would be second in the list and go in at about 11 only we got another call quickly to say she was going in and she was on her way. Dad and Mr P were both worried and anxious because both were on their way in, having spent the previous day with her waiting, yet she had to go off without anyone at her side. On one had this can sometimes be a good way to do it because you dont have that terrible time that it may be your final goodbye, but also, just in case, you don't that final moment. Anyhow - none of that matters now. She made it through and is recovering brilliantly. Really - no bandage or anything. I went and saw her and she was sitting up having dinner - and feeding herself. She got back to her room at 2pm and knew what was going on - the date, the year and even that it would have been my Nan's (her mother in law's) 100th birthday. A fact that most of her children are actually still disputing and they have not had surgery!

With this relief we were able to celebrate the big squirrels birthday The poor boy didn't get all the bells and whistles this year with some sparklers in a supermarket cake but we were all there to celebrate with him and at these times that is what is most important.

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