Sunday, January 6

Room with a view

 These are some tops I whipped up this morning for mum. She wants to be comfortable and modest in hospital, but she is moving around and doesn't want to be dancing around in a nightie! These are some fabrics from darn cheap and a pattern I made up which is stupid simple which meant I could make both of these and get the family into the hospital for a visit before lunch.
 These are todays pictures. She wanted me to take new ones with her hair and make up on! Also you cant really see because of the glare but her window has a view over the old exhibition building and the gardens. Really beautiful - (both of them) but not a reason to book yourself a bed there!!
Here is the damage at the back. Before the operation, mum combed her hair all forward in order to lose as little as possible. Now of course she is combing it the other way but she hasn't lost nearly as much as you would imagine. Oh and this nightie is the one I made for christmas and has matching pants. I have had blue and brown lace since I was pregnant with the twins - was an option for my bridesmaid dress! Glad I found a use for it.

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