Tuesday, January 8

Minecraft tshirt

A little craze has swept through these parts. Minecraft. Its a web based computer game where the world is built out of blocks and you mine to find things and you craft and create things. Its not that boring - there are creepers and zombies and stuff but in the scheme of things it is not a shoot em all dead kind of game. Its more like lego on the computer.
Being a bit of a micro trend means it is difficult to buy themed items for the boys who love it - which means you have to make it yourself!
For a presemt (or two) we are making tshirts and it is really simple. 
I found an image that I liked.
Using my hi-tech software (powerpoint!!) I printed the image onto tshirt transfer paper.
*This is the point to note. I buy transfer paper for black shirts. The paper is then white, not transparent which means your image is actually much thicker and gives a truer colour. Another point to note is with this method, you do not need to reverse your image .
With the image printed, I cut it to size - again using my high tech scissors.
Next iron the garment where you intend to place the image. Gets rid of creases but also helps the image to bond to the cottom. I purchased basic black tshirts.
Peel the image from the backing paper and place it where you would like it to be.

Final step in the process it to iron it on. With this product comes an ironing sheet, which is basically non stick baking paper. Iron without steam over the image and not only does the image bond but the colour intensifies. You can see above that I started ironing from the right. 
And finally - completed tshirt ready to wrap.

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