Wednesday, January 23

Chocolate Factory

With the weather a little less than beach perfect, and 24 hours of the naughtiest boys EVER** I felt it was time to get out and do something! Off to the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory. Actually worth a trip  if you are ever in the area.

** Naughtiest boys 24 hour rampage included but not limited to:
Found - 1 boy climbing up a drainpipe to get on to the roof of two story beach house. Was up near roof when another boy, at bottom,  yelled "Mission Abort",  warning perp of impending trouble. Plot very thick but aimed to test rain water tank and agreed to climb up and wee into pipe to listen to its path. Luckily no boy was hurt or rainwater tainted.

Found - boy playing hide and seek hiding in BOOT OF CAR! Boy very lucky his mum made a joke to this effect whilst he was hiding that resulted in him being found. Lucky it was not a hot day.

Found - 1 whole packet of grape hubba bubba chewy, chewed up and stuck under white cotton pillow case. Pillow case - not ours. 30 minutes of scrubbing and thanks to Mr Sards Wonder Soap, not linen was damaged in this story.

Mum of the Year???

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