Thursday, January 10


 The boys had a sleep over last night. We put the pop up tent in Xandy's room and they all intended to sleep- in it like this - well 2 out of three wasn't bad.

While these rumblings were going on, I had rumblings of my own kind - the pfaff was out and at it again. 
Xany has an invitation to a 'girl party' so I was excited to go over to the pink side. She is not a terribly girly girl and after talking about her and her interests - of which gymnastics is one, we settled on a leotard.
It has been a very very long time since I have been in a gymnastic setting (!!) so I had no idea what the trends were. Thanks to the internet I soon got the idea and its basically anything with a metallic print. Thinks are pretty wild in the gymnastics world (almost drag-ish)

I had this lycra on hand - it is a bit more purple in real life and using inspiration from the internet an the sizing from this kwik sew pattern, the result was this leaotard and gym shorts. The front has a high neckline and the diagonal line is continuous around to the dip in the back. The neck line is a little lower at the back but this too seemed the norm.
The main difference I did find was that these days the lycra shorts are worn over the top of the leotard, not underneath like in my day. Now just to hope they fit!

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