Thursday, January 24

Drape Drape - fail and save

I got me some Drape Drape books from Book Depository. I got books 1 & 2 with 3 due in March. They arrived just before Xandy's birthday and I was desperate to make something. Ms G was sewing so I joined in to make No 13 loose drape tank top pictured below.

It was a massive fail. None of which are Drape Drape's fault. 
1. I am hippy (not in the 70's sense) so extra fabric around my bottom half is not always flattering
2. The pattern suggested rayon double knit and in the picture it is a light weight fabric. Mine is not.
3. I used the fabric against the grain to get it to fit. Bit lazy and wanted it done quick. This is also why the white top has a lemon contrast stitching. 
All my own fault. There is also no pictorial evidence of how terribly bad this garment looked before. After however it looks like this:

 I wanted to wear it to the beach today so I took the extra fabric under the arms and did a vertical line of stitching at the small of my back. The fabric is almost an inverted pleat. This takes the volume from the sides and plonks it on my bum where it is much better to be. In the end I was happy and wore it to Smiths beach for a play in the surf

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