Tuesday, January 8

Faux Cousins

Birthday boy with gorgeous mum and dad
 It was birthday time again(!) with the faux cousins.. There was again a bit of a minecraft theme with the TNT cake and notice the shirt from yesterday.
 Now faux cousins as I have officially named it is this group of boys here. There are a couple of extras at each venue but these 5 boys are born within weeks of each other. In fact all 5 celebrate their birthdays within a 6 week period over the christmas break. Not well planned by either of us really.
We both grew up with cousins of similar ages and none of our boys have that and in a way they have created that kind of bond. It has happened in a really organic way, and it really lovely and special.

Now I know there is cake involved, but as the weather turned, they all just found themselves a spot to eat and are comfortable in each others company. There are no fights or nastiness. Just really pure faux cousin fun! Thanks for a lovely night and happy birthday.

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