Friday, April 12


It would be true to say it has been a tough 12 months for us. It started last Easter when Dad was diagnosed with cancer, then his treatment the following holidays. Then Mum had her seizure. Tender hooks for a good 6 months and then her operation and subsequent diagnosis. In that time we had a visit from the detectives and then tax worries. The last two are very separate issues - but I can say very confidently that both matters are resolved. The fact that the tax is all done is one huge relief and we had talked about taking the kids out to celebrate to what they call the chocolate fountain restaurant.
 Or as it is better known, The Conservatory at Crown. We had told them about it and they really wanted to go, and on a whim, we went today. It had been refurbished since we were last there and it really looks so much better now. 

We went with the buffet dinner which has a full array of international cusine, and we made a deal that they had to eat dinner before they could visit the dessert buffet. And they did. Sushi, stir fry and numerous duck pancakes were consumed before they could wait no longer. And when it looks this good, I can understand! This was one side with the array of petit desserts. At each end of this was icecream which you could help yourself. There was even a man crushing lollies int the icecream at request.

 This was on the opposite side - the chocolate fountains. Again improved since our last visit. There are four flavours of chocolate for you to dip fruit, strawberry, pineapple. rock melon or marshmellows.
There was also a tower of Macarons which were lovely and light.

 Would you believe the Big Squirrel also has a sweet tooth?

 And the view - where we could see the gas towers along SouthBank
Crown Foyer
 And outside watching the gas towers which really throw out some heat (with the noise)
And finally  our night came to an end - we were home by 8:30 but two little boys were out to it. Sugar Coma me thinks. 

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