Tuesday, April 2

Mothers Day Gift - Heat Packs & how to

Another school duty (!) is our mothers day stall. The parents run our school stall which isn't meant to be a fundraiser, but to the same token - we don't want to make a loss. Two of us are responsible for the sourcing the stock. In my naivety I thought that would be fun - but I couldn't be more wrong.

There are companies dedicated to importing 'cheap chinese crap' (my words) to offer for small change for mothers day. There is lots of pink, love hearts, and LOVE written on everything.

I love the idea of the ids choosing a gift for their mum. I also love getting something from the kids that they have chosen for me. But, I am also the first to complain (not to them) about cheap 'tat' coming home. Now I am on the other  side of the stall, I am beginning to understand the difficulties and limitations.

When we finally found a supplier to go with, a number of items we wanted were already sold out! Its only March and we thought we were getting in early!

With our style reputations on the line - we picked some items that should elude us a public flogging - but we don't have enough stuff. What to do? We decided to turn back time and go Old School.

What that means is I am back behind the machine making rice filled heat packs - en mass. In fact I am planning on making 140 of these babies, if that is any indication of how easy they are.

Here's how:

Materials: I have used pinwale cord and flannel. Cotton also is good as long as the weave is dense.

Fabric piece: approx 40cm by 25cm - finished size 38ish x 12cm

Rice: 500g (any time of rice as long as it is uncooked)

Scent : I am adding  dried lavender but you could also split peppermint teabags. Rice on its own smells like - rice when heated so it is nice to add something to mask that. The other idea is to add essential oil to the fabric - but that doesn't last as long.

Other instructions:

1.  In use always keep the rice dry. (I know it sounds stupid but its true)
2. Do not wash (refer above point)
3. Heat for 2 minutes in the microwave with a glass of water in the microwave
4. Do not reheat until bag is cold
5. Can also be used as a cold pack. Chill in freezer but wrap in plastic first (again refer point1)

My plan is to make an instructions tag to go with these. When I do I will share it with you.

You could go further and add sections to the bag to create an even spread for the rice, or make a removable washable cover but as I said I am making 140 of these (about 70k of rice!) and selling them for $2 so I am sticking to the bare minimum.

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