Monday, April 8

super show

The boys were busy all day in 'rehearsal' and quite frankly I was happy that they were happy and quiet and I let them be. My invitation arrived and I was in for a treat - dinner and a show.

The backyard was set with a table, two chairs, flowers AND candles. Initially we were refused entry! Apparently we did not meet the dress code. Back we went, frocked up and returned to be shown to our table by the loveliest waiter.

We were handed a menu from which our order was taken and then the first course, or on tray arrived.

 Bless their little hearts. We ordered the fruit salad and dips. The fruit salad was a mix of dried fruits, which still technically meets the definition.
 Benji (dressed ready for his number) brought the dips and biscuits and proceeded to help himself to them!

The twins did a bit of a clown number while we waited for our mains to arrive. We dined on beer battered fish and chips while the boys danced and performed on the trampoline. Spencer did gymnastics, Benji danced to kung fu fighting and Xandy was the compere and joined in some routines.
The mozzies ended the show, but it meant we retreated inside and fed our hungry performers, who hadn't eaten as they were feeding us.

It was a really fun and totally organic night (obviously not the food!) The boys were all so proud of what they had achieved, and of course we were bursting with pride that they would actually want to do that - both together and for us. A truly magical night we will long remember.

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