Friday, April 5

On a good thing - stick to it

I stole some time away from the kids, who were happy to potter at home, and went into my room. It is not the relaxing sanctuary that it should be - jobs await me in there. Jobs of the fabric kind.

I had the large task of hanging up my clothes, in particular my dresses. Turns out I have a lot of dresses.   I don't know actually how many but today I had 50 to hang up. The cupboard wasn't empty so I have a few more than 50 dresses.

The reason it is such an issue for me is apart from having a lot of dresses, I don't have a lot of space. I measured today. I have 30cm of hanging space which is why they are all on wire hangers and some may actually be hanging up on their own.
Of the said 50 dresses, I was still surprised that 15 of them were black, which includes black and white. I was thrilled to count that only 14 of them had labels on them. The rest, 36 were all home made. Pretty impressive really.

Of those that I have made, there are a few tried and true patterns that I keep going back to.
This Vogue pattern I have said before is one on my favourites. I made it for Robyn in grey. I also have it in plain red (but that was deep in the cupboard) I have varied the necklines, sleeve length and hem length. These are all in stretch jersey. So easy and comfy to wear and all look so different.

This is another dress I love. It is really easy to make and wear. It is a new look pattern 6779. 

 This one is silk - from Rathdowne Remnants that I wore back in Oct 2011 for our School Reunion
Same pattern. This was for a purple party last year. (turns out we were the only ones on theme - even the birthday girl was in pink!) This was a stretch cotton blend of same pattern.
The navy one is a silk crepe and the mosaic print on the end is a synthetic.

Finally my other favourite pattern - for myself and everyone else is this one that I made up! It is a slightly fitted dress and is so comfortable and easy but suits a variety of occasions. The neck is a v but not too low and the sleeves are capped. All very flattering. The green one is interlock, the navy has pockets and a shaped hem. It is from a nylon knit with limited stretch. The other two are a jersy knit. In different patterns they look so different and the knits don't crease so they are great for travelling.

Now they are all neatly shoved in my wardrobe so I can now start to find homes for all of the 'artwork' which has been hibernating in my room.

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