Friday, April 26

Home Town Tourists

 Alexander was lucky enough to receive entry into a GATEWAYS program at the NGV. It is a 2 day program where they have special access to the gallery resources in order to study portraiture. Apparently the focus is on the 17th and 18th centuries and this one is loving it, as he is a bit of a history geek (his words)

With our school on the move, literally, we have a couple of curriculum days, so the twins and I decided to go on an adventure for the day in the city, as Home Town Tourists.
 Surprisingly. they were really interested in the sculpture that is around the city. We walked up to statues, and they pointed out architecture, monuments and even graffiti. We walked across the Yarra and looked at the view and the old lights. "This looks like Paris" they suggested. Like they know.
 Coffee near the Ian Potter Gallery
 A bit of a photo op before we walked through the alley ways across town. We had a visit to the toy department in Myer and a bit of a purchase. Then back across town for a ride on the City Circle Tram (FREE). We went the museum to look at the Dinosaurs and this was again free. (members)
 A bit of a photo op outside a fountain at the old exhibition building. There was an antiques fair in there but I really couldn't push my luck.
 Not only photobombed by black bird but he stole Spencer's sandwich right from his grip - lightning speed.
 Then off through the park, running through the Autumn leaves to finish our circuit of the city and pick up our little artist.
A great day really looking at some of the fabulous things our city has to offer.

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