Sunday, April 14

misdirected worry

Today was Xandy's first footy match. Ever. I was so worried he'd get hurt. Not so much from throwing himself into the game. More from being in the wrong spot and being trampled by those boys on the ball. But, I needn't have worried about him. He took a while to warm up and get into it but in the end he did, and had a good go and he actually played ok. 
 My worry was misdirected however. Before the game the kids were warming up and we were chatting and the twins went off with their posse of mates. Doing a quick head check I realised one was missing. Yes, of course the naughty one! I asked the other one where he was, to be informed he was up a tree. He didn't know which one. I should have. The tallest one.
We were under this tree at the time and had to talk Benji down from the top. My knees actually tingle at the thought. He was not at all concerned and was chatting all the way down as I was directing him back to the middle of the tree. The others who were now standing over from where I took this picture, said the tree was swaying from side to side and they were all glad it was not their kid up there! Luckily everyone returned home from this matched unharmed. I however may have a few more grey hairs.


  1. The speech for your cherubs' 21sts are writing themselves!

  2. thanks for share..