Saturday, April 20

More minecraft shirts

Xandy's best friend is having a sleepover party - tonight. His birthday was back in January, but we hadn't given him a present. We were tossing around a few ideas, but kept coming back to this. Party Kid was really instrumental on our little minecraft explosion and his dad runs the server. Thus, the minecraft tshirt is really appropriate.
These were made using the same techniques as here. I spent a lot of time trying to work out how to print and cut using my silhouette. Every time I did a practice it was perfect and then the stupid stuff wouldn't coordinate when I printed it on the tshirt stuff. I had no time for minor technical difficulties, so cut the shapes out by hand and am really please with the outcome, particularly the grey one which just looks like a groovy shape.

We did need a trip to the shop for cards etc so after auskick and our traditional saturday hot dog lunch we were off to the shops. Benji was desperate to spend some of HIS money, so this was incorporated into the mission.
 Not to be left behind, Spencer bought himself a dinosaur egg which you did to discover something inside. He worked hard and got the thing out, but I don't even know what it was!
Benji on the other hand got his Lava lamp. He had given one as a gift a week or so ago and wanted one himself. He paid for it and has spent ages gazing into it and watching the shapes.

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