Tuesday, April 23


Today it has been hard to get motivated enough to do anything. I have managed to get the couple of must do jobs out of the way - but there is a basket of clean wet washing that wants to be hung out and I just cant be bothered. It isn't even that big a load. Almost missed the best drying part of the day now....

You ever get like that? The train drops you at Struggletown in the morning, and try as you might, you just can't fight its power? I suppose that is the theory behind the saying, if you want something done, ask a busy person. I have all of 2 things on my to do list and have only done one as I have to hand it over today!

I blame the book. Alexander snuggled in bed with me this morning and we are nearing the end of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. We could feel that no good was coming as the book brought us into the climax so we decided to read it this morning, rather than last night as he went to bed. I read out loud for almost an hour and a half. Tears streaming down my face as we lost our dear friend Dumbledore. (Oops - spoiler alert!) We haven't read his funeral - I couldn't cope with any more, and we had to get to school. We have really got lost in these books - travelling on adventures and it has been wonderful to experience together. I had no idea what was going to happen. It will be interesting to watch the movie on the weekend to get their take on the book. 

So thats me. Today in a nutshell, the death of a character is a children's book has given me a severe case of the cantbebothereds in real life. I'd better snap out of it and go get the little angels. Maybe we can finish the book and get a happy ending??

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