Wednesday, April 17

Three Little Pigs Necklace

 Goodness - it is so much better when the kids take the photos than the big squirrel. Every single shot was blurry - this the least so. Apologies - but you get the idea. I made this three little pigs necklace - yes that blurry silver blob towards the bottom. Some he even cropped that out! 
Anyway a really simple idea that you can use to transform some of the wonderful plastic paraphernalia into wearable jewellery.

 This is what I had. A statue from a Shrek collection, silver paint, eyelets (1.6mm Screw eyes from Bunnings) and a 1mm drill bit.
 Removed base of statue.
 Spray painted it all silver. Amazing how removing the colour brings out the detail. Then I drilled a hole in the top, behind the hat for the silver eyelet. Simply twisted the eyelet into the predrilled hole,
Threaded it with some orange china cord because thats what I had and on it goes.
I wore it to the shops and already got some comments!

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