Thursday, June 27


Today a girlfriend is celebrating her 40th birthday - well celebrating isn't exactly how she sees it. Dreading is a better description and I think I know how she feels!

With thanks to pinterest for the inspiration, I actually made something I pinned! 

I had seen variaions on this theme - 40 sucks or 40 blows and went with the sucks:

 And I decided to combine it with this roses version - this is done with chocolates and crepe paper but  i thought I could make it work. is the link to the original post.
 I had plenty of time (!) a whole hour between pilates and lunch to make this creation and then at the supermarket found that crepe paper is harder to come by than I thought. I had to make do and chose serviettes as they are a bit more flexible than tissue paper. Really would work better in crepe paper though.
 So with my supplies i literally hacked into them. I cut circles for the petals and wrapped each with three. I found that a circle around the size of a 1/4 of the serviette worked well. They were swiftly attached with sticky tape.
 I tried the heart shape but didn't have time to make it work and adjust the size. The green needed to add to make it look more like a flower. A zig zag shape worked best and this was wrapped and used sticky tape again.
 Then I found a bucket in the present cupboard and these clear marbles were also lying around. Turns out if you do save something just in case it can be useful. I thought I had some florist foam but I couldnt find it - so this was me making do!
 Once all forty lollipop flowers were in the jar, attached a little card with some ribbon.
and she loved it! 

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