Monday, June 3

Spotlight - Bic Walker

One of my very talented friends is starting yet another venture and I am lucky enough to be able to have a bit of a play with her.

Bic Walker is one of those who can not only turn their hand at anything, she takes things to the next level and actually gets them done. She is an artist, public speaker, and has written and published two childrens' books. The first, A Safe Place to Live, is a childrens' book about her families escape from Vietnam as a refugee. The second is called Finding Hope which is again a true story about a child in a Cambodian orphanage. All the proceeds from this book go to charity - So, not only is she an entrepreneur, she is also an philanthropist. How can I not help?

Bic has a range of products and she is trying to increase the range order to raise money and awareness for Hope for Cambodian Children. She has cards and pendants based on her artwork (she illustrated both books), and she had some of her artwork printed on fabric to look art other ways to use it. This is where I come in.

I threaded up the machine and also powered up the Silhouette and had a bit of a go at some samples.

 High Tea by Bic WalkerJust Jam by Bic Walker

Above are the original artworks lifted from Bic's site. High Tea on the left and Just Jam on the right. These are the images on the bags below.

The first bag is a decent size but obviously needs some interfacing. The fabric is a light weight cotton and I really just wanted to get an idea of the pattern. I have lined it in a heavier weight fabric to give it some body.
Number 2 is on the right and you can see the drummer from Just Jam. This is a vinyl transfer onto black. Again I was using what I had - the orange vinyl is for the Big Squirrels work shirts(!)

This next bag is one of my favourites. It is  chevron drill from Spotlight with a lightweight plastic over the top. On one side you can see Hope and on the other is the line drawing of the drummer. 
And of course saving the best til last - plastic coated tote bag of the High Tea ladies. This has the same print front and back and lightweight clear plastic over the top. The handles are black with decorative aqua stitching - again what I had. This is still just a sample but I think this is the best outcome of all.

Bic hasn't seen these yet - they are better in person, but I think we are heading in the right direction.

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