Monday, June 17

Basic Bags

 On Monday nights, I teach three girls how to sew. They are now in grade 6 and I actually really enjoy our lessons. They are keen and I like them to make practical things to build their skills and repertoire. Sew far they have made PJs, elastic waisted skirts, a frill front tshirt and a little aline skirt. Today I was at a bit of a loss what to do - until it struck me - a market bag!

I make and use these all the time and for them it could be something they could make as gifts. I gave them each some canvas - which was lined curtain fabric. Lined curtain fabric is great for these bags as it is sturdy but also waterproof - so great for the beach etc.  In the class they made the plain bag and decorated it using fabric sharpies. They looked great and were useful!

I also took the opportunity to whip one up. I had this drill from Spotlight that I love. I would love to have a skirt out of it - but even for me it is too much so a bag it was. The handles are from the canvas of the girls bags and the straps are folded in half for a feature but it actually makes it much easier to use!
Speaking of use - here it is in use - see why it wasn't a skirt!

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