Tuesday, June 4

Fine Motor

We are on a home education kick at the moment and part of that is building up strength in the boys fingers. Finger strength helps with handwriting. (It is a shame that that doesn't come with the swipe ipad movement because they are really good at that!) I decided that today we would cook.

I found some cookbooks that the twins could read -  very picture based simple recipes. We worked on everything - reading, numbers, measuring, more and less and also temperature. We also worked their fingers. The "Monkey Bread" which is Banana and Sultana Loaf had the butter rubbed into the flour. That got the fingers working. The shortbread cookies were the same and then they needed to be made into balls. All good stuff - and yummy at the end.

In retrospect, I probably should have left it there - but of course on a roll took it one step further and we made bread rolls but by this stage everyone was kind of over it.

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