Monday, June 10

Dress - purple

Okay - so even I don't know what I was thinking when I bought this fabric. Pretty full on, isn't it. It is a stretch cotton so has a fairly good weight to it. It was in my pile of current fabric, so I decided it was now or never. 
This dress is a new look pattern and I have made it in a 12 top with 14 bottom and I need every bit of that. Having said that, the fit is really good and I will be going back to it to make it again - next time in a much more subdued fabric.

 This is the neck detail which is sweet. A small cross over at the neck. I decided to soften the fabric a little by making the sleeves black - which is a faux ostrich leathery thing I had. Doesn't soften it much but the less of this fabric you see the better I say.

Here is an unstyled shot of the dress on- obviously I need to tidy up behind me before snapping but you get the idea of the fit. I on such a mission to get the dress done it has a beige zip in the back but I covered the top with a bit of black nailpolish and you can't tell.

I figure styled with some black it will look better - not that I have any where to wear it. All these new clothes make me think I need a job outside home!

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